September 11, 2013

Day 66.....Foods That Cause Stress

I am really tired this evening but I wanted to sit and catch up on a post before my head hits the pillows.
Today is my 66th day and 3 days ago I decided to do a 5 day reboot. At a later time I plan to explain more of what that means but for now I will simply sum it up by explaining that I am doing nothing but juices and water for those 5 days.

I had decided last week that I would do this because giving our digestive systems a break occasionally is a good thing. After 2 months of focusing on health, I was starting to notice a bit of carelessness in my food choices and "no thank you" was becoming absent in my daily vocabulary. Nothing bad mind you but I don't want to totally sabotage myself. So a bit of cleansing is a great way to rid those cravings.

Another thing that prompted me to do this was an article I read on 5 Foods That Cause Stress. While those ingredients weren't in my daily eating, I figured that focusing a bit of intensity will help me through this time. I say that because our family is in a heavy emotional time right now as my Nana transitions into the final stage of her life on hospice. Soon she will be standing whole and healthy and full of joy with Papa God in heaven.

Doing food restrictions during this time may seem crazy as food can be such a comfort. Until recently I never thought I would do this. But I am finding this week that doing juice and water only is helping me to stay calm and focused in doing all the things that need my attention. I am not pacing or wanting to drown my emotions in that chocolate pie on the kitchen counter. The instant fast food that seems to be building in my parents fridge isn't calling for me. Sure those pepperoni slices smelled good in the oven but nothing beats a tall glass of  'peach pie juice'. I have been making all 5 juices first thing in the morning and packing them with me. That way I can sit with Nana and not feel pulled in any other direction.

For a guide, I am using the juices listed on days 6-10 of the 15 Day Reboot Guide. Many of the recipes are one that I first started with and forgot how much I liked them.I am grateful for the guide so that I don't have to think through what I am doing in the kitchen. I am also grateful for the team at Reboot for making such a wealth of information and support readily available and free.

We are all tired and emotionally raw. It is hot and still 88 degrees in the house at 11 pm with the current heat wave we are experiencing. But despite all of that, I don't feel nervous, shaky, fretful, anxious or swollen. I feel focused.

Thank You God for Your love and care. I celebrate You!

September 5, 2013

Day 60.......thoughts on my progress

Today makes 60 days since I started my endeavor to focus on a healthier more beneficial me. Just a few posts back, I shared my excitement concerning exercise. I am still loving it and have been learning more things about myself. One of the fun things that has happened.....well it didn't start out as fun. I had stuck with my husband's glider but was having problems with it. It just so happens that my feet are really super wide. It is a hassle when trying to find a pair of shoes but I have learned to live with it. However when using the glider, my feet were more wide than the support bar I stood on. So I would get severe cramps in my feet and have to stop a couple times to rest those muscles during my 45 minute workout. Eventually I got the wild idea that we needed to get a different piece of exercise equipment that we could both equally benefit from.

A quick 2 day look on our local web classified ads and I found the perfect thing. We got a great blessing of a deal on an elliptical machine. It is so cool and snazzy. There are 10 levels of tension, a computer read out for distance, speed, heart rate monitor and personal fan to stay cool. I love it! My feet don't cramp up anymore. That makes me really happy.

5 days a week I am doing 45 minutes on this great machine and boy is it a workout. I am positively drenched before I get halfway through.

This brings up a good point and new thought I have been entertaining.
I have always had a hard time exercising. Not only am I not coordinated and have had to deal with these unique lungs of mine but I can't stand to be hot. My revelation is this......I couldn't take getting hot because I was always dehydrated. My husband giggles at my logic and says I am weird (in a loving way) so I don't know how sound my thinking is.....but it makes sense to me. I would overheat and not sweat easily because I was always lacking hydration. Now that I have tons of juice and water always in my system, I break into a head to toe sweat and don't even realize it because I am busy having fun.

Guess what?!
Yesterday I had to purchase a new pair of pants. I don't want to buy a bunch of clothes until I have lost more weight. But to have one pair that actually fits correctly for the moment is a nice thought.

When I started this journey two months ago I was in a super tight sized 14 pant made for curvy women. It was so tight that I had to pour myself into them and really should have worn the next size up. The boot cut leg that should have had a complimentary swish to it was snug enough to be called a skinny jean. Not a pretty sight.

Yesterday while shopping I tried on 8 different types of pants starting with the curvy full figured style and then tapering down to the regular sizes. I tried on a 12 regular and it fit! Then I jumped off the mental bridge and tried on a 10 petite......and it fit!

I stood there in the dressing room overwhelmed and did a little jig. :-) Then I talked myself through a pep talk. You know the one that sort of goes like this...... sizes and numbers don't really matter. A number is just a number. It is how you feel inside that is important. But the other side of me was laughing and saying, "Hey if the 12 regular and the 10 petite both cost the same and they both fit it is a no brainer which one to buy." I mean really......which one would you buy?

I am so grateful and I feel so good and encouraged.
In actuality I have only lost 6 pounds this month. I am grateful for every ounce of it but of course have wanted those big dropping numbers to keep showing on my scale. I guess with all my exercising I am reshaping and building muscle (which weighs more) way more than I thought. Thank You God!

Celebrating God and all of His goodness!