April 5, 2011

Day 71.....

Here I am sitting at my laptop enjoying the recipe I shared earlier called Freshness.  The romaine was a little on the tart side this go round so I added a couple of kiwi to perk it up. Yum!

While Kiwi Enjoyment is still my ultimate favorite, here is another recipe taken from Green For Life that I have fallen in love with that I think you will enjoy.

Minty Thrill
2 pears cored
2 kale leaves
1/4 bunch fresh mint
1 cup water

 I have been going to tons of different websites trying to decide what I want in a juicer. The questions in my head as well as the info given have taken on a mind of their own as Pandora's box grew in size.

Do I want a juicer or a mega blender? Do I want it to do basic fruits and veggies or get more techie with wheat grass features? Do I want a centrifugal motor or an auger? Single auger or double? How much money do I want to spend? (Ha! There is the clincher)
Everyone I know that "juices" has their own suggestions, styles, products and expectations. None are wrong but none have quite seemed to "fit" what I want...especially when I haven't quite known what I want.

I do know that I have wanted a bigger performance than the $30 model on the Walmart shelf but still haven't been sure if the $600 commitment of a power monger Vitamix was overkill for me. But I think I have now finally decided. I am going to be saving up my money for a UK brand Matstone Juicer.

It is a single auger style that can do top performance on all the regular produce while still giving special attention to leafy greens and wheat grass. Because it is a single auger it will be basically quiet instead of sounding like an airplane in my kitchen. That means slower juice time but I am willing to trade speed for performance. I watched a few youtube demonstration videos on it and can see the left over pulp fiber is very dry. And because it is a slow auger, it doesn't put any temperature heat to the produce which is a personal preference of mine.

I am excited. I wish I could purchase it right now. Sigh.....
But God knows and He will provide what is best and in the right time.

Daddy God thank You for the way you made our bodies and provided all we could possibly need to be a finely tuned machine.  It is because of Your thoughtful artistry that You were able to look at us and say, "It is very good."  Thank You for the variety of flavors and colors and smells and visual beauty just to bring us delight.

Have a blessed and wonderful destiny filled day!